Automation for aquaculture

LEVEL Power & Automation specializes in automation systems with the customer’s needs at the center. We focus on user-friendliness, system security, and low maintenance costs. LEVEL Power & Automation delivers automation systems for aquaculture and fish farms.

Our solutions

LEVEL Power & Automation has extensive experience in developing automation and control systems for the maritime industry, offshore and land-based industry. The experience we have gained over the years in these segments has enabled us to develop efficient solutions for aquaculture.

Automation of fish farming and aquaculture has several advantages, for example, an integrated automation system provides an overview of the plant’s operation in real-time. It also offers the advantage that fish farms can be monitored using web solutions via mobile solutions and PCs. This is Digitization in practice. Automation systems also reduce staffing needs, so that the workload for personnel and costs are minimized. Reliability is increased since errors and unforeseen events are notified automatically when they occur, at the same time as fish welfare is improved.

LEVEL Power & Automation has, together with LEVEL Solutions, delivered a system for water purification to Bremnes Seashore’s new hatchery facility in Trovåg, where LEVEL Power & Automation has developed the automation solutions in the facility. We also develop automation solutions for feeding, dead fish picking, and associated processes, as well as systems for hybrid power production, adapted to each individual fish farm. A special focus area is a more environmentally friendly operation and power production, and therefore LEVEL Power & Automation focuses on solutions that are in line with the UN’s climate goals for the green shift.

We offer tailor-made solutions for complete farming systems, which also include battery-hybrid solutions for farming boats. Together with our partners in the LEVEL Group, we can deliver complete solutions for fish farming.

Advantages of automation

Our aquaculture solutions are designed with a focus on flexibility and ease of installation in mind and can be adapted to all areas of use.

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced staffing
  • Reduced workload
  • Increased control
  • Increased overview
  • Increased security
  • Increased fish welfare

Innovative solutions for fish farming

Effective water purification

We at LEVEL Power & Automation have extensive experience in the development of automation solutions for industry and the maritime industry. Our automation solutions are installed on ships and vessels worldwide, and we have developed innovative technological solutions for the industry. In collaboration with Knutsen OAS, we have developed KBAL, which is a pioneering solution for the treatment of ballast water without the use of chemicals. We have further developed this technology so that the purification method can also be used in aquaculture, and it is now in operation at Bremnes Seashore’s facility for smolt in Trovåg. The pressure-vacuum reactor, which forms the core of KBAL, has proven to be extremely effective for the destruction of sea lice and other organisms. Our water purification technology is now marketed under the AKVADROP brand by our sister company LEVEL Solutions.

Read more about AKVADROP on their website.

Tailored for each customer

We take pride in delivering tailor-made solutions, and we do our utmost to deliver our products according to the customer’s needs. We at LEVEL Power & Automation believe that efficient service, ease of maintenance and a high degree of uptime, must be given top priority when we develop products and automated systems. To ensure our customers high system reliability, we have chosen Siemens and Saia-Burgess Controls AG from Switzerland as the main supplier when it comes to programmable logic controls. However, upon request we can also use PLCs from other suppliers.

Ask us about our solutions for aquaculture

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